2015. From “Street Clash” to Dance

On ten different locations – from Liberty Square and the Catholic Courtyard to the club Fabrika in the Chinese Quarter and the barber shop in Mita Ružić – we had over 50,000 visitors.
We had more than 150 artists from our country, region, Europe and the rest of the world, who performed about 80 artistic programs. Special attention was drawn by the opening ceremony of the Festival, the street musical clash concert of Rijeka’s band Let 3 and Novi Sad’s group Atheist Rap.
Festival days were marked by children’s programs, as well as the Festival’s Karaoke Battle of Novi Sad’s neighborhood representatives, which brought the winner an interesting, unusual park bench.
As part of the Dance Night program, which left a mark on the 15th Street Musicians Festival, the Californian ten Phat Cat Swinger “made” the public dance in the rain for two hours with the seductive sounds of swing.