2009. The Great Artistic Workshop

The Street Musicians Festival became a great open-spaced artistic workshop. Creative workshops created large amounts of good emotions, and one where both artists and the audience were on equal terms. During five Festival days numerous encounters were witnessed: performers with the audience, artists from our country with international artists, mainstream with the underground, children and adults, boys and girls. The city became and remained richer, hearts bursting up until the next encounter. In that way the program presented joint performances from: folklore ensembles form Novi Sad and areal acrobats from Italy, then three story tellers, from Serbia, Vietnam and Senegal and many others. All of these encounters happened right before the eyes of the audience, without previous rehearsals and preparations. The greatest attraction of the Festival, beside the numerous concerts and shows, was certainly the great carnival procession, not imitating any other famous carnival, not the Brazilian one, nor American or Italian, but creating a new original formula, unique, specific and native only to Novi Sad