Performers 2014

Tribal Dance (Israel)

A unique sensual music experience bordering with mass hypnosis,  will be staged by a group who combine old tribal instruments, such as the didgeridoo and tom-tom drums, with modern electronic equipment. From that seemingly impossible combination emerges a specific underground project with an unbelievably strong effect on the audience, that is, according to many – irresistible.

Tribal Dance is a musical stage performance which was created by the Israeli composer, arranger and producer, not to mention singer and drummer – Amir Ya. The namesake of the ensemble which he founded, and which will be performing on the Street Musicians Festival on Friday in the Catholic courtyard, at the same time explains his musical style. He received direct inspiration long ago during a visit to an unnamed African village, where he witnessed a local tribal ceremony, centered around specific music and dancers who slowly fell into a trance. To this day, Amir Ya and Tribal Dance have performed several thousand times all around the world and had a large number of their studio recordings released on various sound carriers. As they are also coming to Serbia completely open-minded and accessible to all new ideas, who knows – maybe right here is where their next big project is born.

Tribal Dance performance in Novi Sad has enabled with the support of the Israel Embassy in Belgrade.

Camillocromo Beat Band (Florence/Italy)

The new electro-swing band was formed on the base of the old one, carrying the same name, which has, along with its irresistible New Orleans jazz-Latin-swing melodies, already presented itself on the Street Musicians Festival. This time round, they are coming with an extended lineup, accompanied by a DJ and a singer, and are promising a new, much greater madness of spectacular sound and inexhaustible energy.

Camillocromo is the old, recognizable, typical Italian circus swing orchestra, who have through the years presented themselves on buskers’ festivals across Europe, with different projects concerning music, theatre, circus and other stage marvels. Their music has always been a synonym for quality, energy and playing from the heart, to the joy of all who had a chance to hear them perform live. Now, they have expanded their story. The DJ and producer Ghiacolli e Branzini is regarded as one of the leaders of the Italian nu jazz scene, and will help the band and their music mixing jazz and funk beats live. The band is reinvigorated by the role of the talented young jazz singer and scatman Piero Gesuè, highly experienced as a soloist, having performed on numerous occasions with gospel, jazz and Latin ensembles and big bands.  Apart from their regular gig on one of the Festival stages, Camillocromo Beat Band will perform a day ahead of the official program, on 3rd September, as part of the pre-Festival warm-up across Novi Sad.

Claudio Montuori – Birdman (Rome/Italy)

One of the doyen of the rich Italian street music scene, sixty year old one-man-band, directly from the streets, squares and piazzettas of the Eternal City brings an original mixture of Apennine musical tradition and irresistible African rhythms. Completely authentic and compelling in both an audio and visual sense, Birdman most of all loves interaction with his crowd and – infinite improvisations.

Masked in some of the recognizable bird characters or entirely natural, with long lushes grey hair, Claudio Montuori leaves a deep impression on all who have ever seen him or just heard him. How is he not to, when he alone himself moves at the same time an entire array of different musical instruments, from different percussions, rattles, whistles and trumpets, to a tea-chest bass, organetto and African kalimba. Besides having the chance to meet him every day somewhere along the banks of the Tiber where he entertains and intrigues millions of tourists who visit Rome and the Vatican, he is also a great fighter for the rights of street musicians and entertainers, as well as their institutionalization. He will be staying in Novi Sad during all three Festival days, and throughout that time, apart from a solo performance, he also plans various forms of collaboration with other participants and all others who might be interested.

Harlem Gospel Choir (New York/USA)

A fantastical musical spectacle, the concert of the globally famous and popular Harlem Gospel Choir, will officially open this years Street Musicians Festival, on Thursday, 4th September at 8:30 p.m., on the Freedom Square (Trg Slobode). World famous and charismatic, this musical ensemble from the heart of New York will prepare for the citizens of Novi Sad and their guests an unforgettable atmosphere in the spirit of modern gospel, with elements of blues and jazz.

Harlem Gospel Choir is stationed in their namesake part of New York, where it was founded in January 1986, on the date as the birthday of Martin Luther King, the greatest fighter for rights of African-Americans in the 20th century. The first performance of the choir was in the legendary “Cotton Club”, on the initiative of founder Allen Bailey, a superb manager with half a century long career in show business and experience in organizing the biggest projects, such as the famous boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Zaire (The Rumble in the Jungle), concerts for helping the starving in Africa “We are the World” and “USA for Africa”, and the celebration in honor of Nelson Mandela at Yankee Stadium in New York.

The choir today has over 60 members from the ages of 17 to 70, and every performance represents a true spectacle of excellent, live music, with instrumental support, dance and vocal brilliance that can rarely be heard anywhere else. Traveling the world, with over 2 million miles under their feet, the members of the choir like missionaries spread the inspirational glory of this music genre on all meridians. The Harlem Gospel Choir has also performed for two of America’s presidents, Carter and Obama, two popes, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and they have also recorded and performed with true pop greats as are Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Elton John, Bono Vox, Diana Ross and others. The choir’s repertoire is made up of modern interpretations of classic gospel songs, as sung to this very day in churches in Harlem and all over America.

Gospel music is spiritual in nature, and has been deeply rooted in the history of the African-American community from the beginning of the 18th century to this day. Created as an expression of African slaves on the American soil, it combines folklore and musical tradition of their ancient homeland with their new found faith – Christianity. This original artistic expression has in time greatly impacted the development of the contemporary directions in music, and is considered today as the source of popular music of the 20th and 21st century – blues, soul and rock’n’roll.

Having in mind the role and strength of gospel, the only thing that remains for the visitors of the Street Musicians Festival to do is to surrender to the irresistible rhythms, close their eyes, hold their breath and feel total satisfaction with the songs of the world famous Harlem Gospel Choir.

Daniele Mutino and Alessandro Federico (Italy)

The extremely well-coordinated duet of Italian musicians and true virtuosos of their instruments, bring to Novi Sad the urban culture of the Apennine peninsular. Their interpretations of Italian masters’ film scores, along with traditional tarantella, a bit of classic and a lot of original romantic and comic numbers, in general, leave no one indifferent.

Daniele Mutino, is, as the Italians like to say – a cantastorie or a musical storyteller. Dealing with different topics, from history to chronicling current social events, exactly like all other travelling musicians through the different ages, this artist from Rome captivates primarily with the width of his soul, but also with the exceptional technique of gliding over the piano and harmonica keys. His companion, Alessandro Federico from Palermo, is, on the other hand, a first class singer, a tenor in the glorious spirit of Italian heritage, and a brilliant clarinet player as well. Although they usually perform separate, their collaboration makes an amazing and well-tuned duet of masters of music and street art overall. And as they are, on top of it all, sociable as well, Daniele and Alessandro plan a thorough interaction with the local musicians in Novi Sad, as well as a trio performance with Birdman and Jelena Urošević, including an active participation in the Ultrasound Sessions on Saturday in Zmaj Jovina Street.

Gipsy Mafia (Zrenjanin/Serbia)

Self-confident, charming and very aware of the situation around them, the mic-duet nurture their own version of hip-hop, rooted in the deep underground and strong tones of social engagement. Their performance on the Street Musicians Festival will be part of the “Open Up” program, dedicated to the modern culture of Romani people in Serbia and beyond.

Brothers Skill and Buddy O.G. from Zrenjanin are skilled MC’s accompanied by a solid rhythm section, therefore they usually present themselves as a rock‘n’roll band, which is not that far from the truth, considering that today’s hip-hop usually continues the traditional role of the rock movement. Desiring a better world for themselves and others, and knowing how give voice to it, has always been the main weapon of artistic subversion against many illogicalities and injustices that surround them. That is why these rappers from Banat maintain an exceptionally intense stage expression, directly commenting current events, such as politics, economy or the latent racism in society, and with ease reach the numerous like-minded population. Their musical expression does not lack the intensity of their poetry, consequently their performances are a true spectacle of the modern underground movement. Until now, they have released two demo albums and one mixtape, while as their main musical influences, they point out the biggest names of the genre: 2Pac, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill and others.

Rulas Quetzal (Mexico)

Feathered snake or Quetzalcoatl was one of the supreme Aztec gods, who inhabited the region of today’s Mexico over 500 years ago. The distant ancestor of this divinity of nature and mythological creator of the world and the cosmic order is now one of the most captivating artists of the world’s street art scene, who specializes in dancing with fire, under the name of Rulas Quetzal.

This Mexican, whose real name is Raul Somarriba Hernandez, comes to Novi Sad as an independent representative of the famous three man team – Quetzalcoatl Fuego, who have with their own unique program, ever since 2000, been a gladly seen attraction on all of the world’s street art festivals. Specifically, Rulas is a very skillful dancer and juggler of  the elements of fire, but foremost an outstanding musical talent. Therefore, his performance begins with a musical act on different percussions, which he, with the help of a device for creating loops, turns into a live musical matrix. Only with that kind of foundation does he come to the “floor” and execute the most spectacular shapes incorporated in stage movement and fire juggling. Considering that kind of reputation, the Street Musicians Festival is in for three truly “blazing” days.

Moskva (Rijeka/Croatia)

The specific guitar-pop sound of this band slowly, but surely is conquering the Balkans and beyond, while their debut album “Polygraph”, released in 2013, has already provided them with a place among the mainstream of their maternal rock-scene. The sea lads are going to take Novi Sad and the Street Musicians Festival by storm for the first time, on Saturday, 6th September, on stage at the Catholic courtyard.

Moscow was formed in 2010, and consists of experienced musicians with ten-year long careers on the prestigious scene in Rijeka, playing as members of different lineups. The classical pop-rock trio, drums, bass and guitar, are completed with the vocal qualities of Tamara Dorčić, while the main composer is the band’s guitarist Vladimir Tomić. Ever since their first performance on the Ri Rock festival, they have continued to perform on all important musical events in the region, while club performances have become almost impossible to keep track of. Nevertheless, they highlighted one of their performances, opening for the Scottish indie attraction Glasvegas in the famous club “Močvara” (Swamp). The sound that they nurture follows the fine line of the noise heroes, like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, but does not stray far from the neo-psychedelia influences of the Horrors, Placebo and Gossip, and the hard rock ways of the Black Keys. Extremely strict, but objective, Croatian rock-critics have enthusiastically greeted their album, declaring all nine songs equally capable of competing for the title of hit song, and one which will be remembered longer than just the first listening. So, let’s have a listen.

Belfast Food (Rijeka/Croatia)

Not so typical representatives of the famous rock scene in Rijeka, these lads nurture an original authentic sound based on Irish tradition, to which they occasionally pay homage with an original cover song. Their concerts are a real celebration of a good  performance on well-known instruments for the genre: banjo, violin, harmonica, flute, alongside the classical rock rhythm section and electric guitar, with abundance of good vibrations and contagious positive energy.

Founded on the roots of two rock bands, “Ima tu nešto” and “Les Beat” (in honor of the Beatles), Belfast Food have, from the very beginning, defied the common rock milieu of Rijeka, and bands such as Laufer, Let 3, Urban, and others. Since their first performance, on the motor show in Pula, to this day, the band has been active round-the-clock, which is testified by their two live albums among six released in total. In the meantime, they have, as a live band, profiled themselves as a solid rock band with a strong background on which they tastefully merge elements of Irish folklore, and as of late, modern production demands, such as electronic matrices. Their neverending tour has finally led them to Novi Sad, and on Friday evening, 5th September, in the Catholic courtyard, they will perform as participants of the special program on the Street Musicians Festival – Irish Night, dedicated to Irish music and culture.

Acoustic Sharks (Novi Sad/Serbia)

The quartet of exceptional musicians from Novi Sad and Belgrade present an alternative pop hits in a somewhat changed, rock style, with elements of classical music. Spiritually stripped, acoustic and enriched by the ritual effects of live performances, the popular musical tones of Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, David Bowie, Nick Cave and others, sound like irresistible essence of traditional western pop culture.

The guys and girl – the Acoustic Sharks, during their preparation undergo a day-long workshop of sorts, where they completely surrender themselves to the beauty of playing, contemplation and unification with art. In the background of original scores of big pop artists, they find unheard musical elements and on that metamusical base they build an authentic stage expression. A great help in reaching that goal is their enormous performing experience: Uroš Šećerov on percussions, has, from the age of seventeen to this day, collaborated with no less than all the major jazz artists from these parts; similarly to him Peđa Đurić has also had success, but on the somewhat younger funk and pop scene; charismatic frontman Jovan Matić, the art visionary behind this story, is the two decade long leader of the cover scene in Novi Sad and beyond, known for his refined musical taste and first class stage performances; the cellist Ana Ristić, some time ago top of her generation in the School for Musical Talents in Ćuprija, is now the member of the St. George Strings. The performance on the Street Musicians Festival will be their first – a grand premier in style.

Irish Stew (Belgrade/Serbia)

Extraordinary sound based on Irish tunes, intimate lyrics, memorable melodies and an unforgettable atmosphere on concerts successfully connect this band to crowds of all generations. Influenced by the music that they admire most, and relate to, along with their inner poetry, these young citizens of Belgrade, having a long career on the big stage, still continue to improve themselves day by day, staying open for modern tendencies and current events in the world of art and entertainment.

Irish Stew of Sindidun (as is the full name of this popular band) had their first performance in 2003, and from then on their endless adventure of exploration, creation and delight in music and travel had begun. Their initial interest for traditional Irish sound and dedication to the legendary Pogues, quickly became an ambitious original approach to creating authentic works, that has so far given birth to three extremely successful albums and one admirable stage career, that endures to this very day. Brave enough to occasionally engage in experiments with other musical genres, the lads and (necessarily) one lass on violin built a recognizable name on the local scene and beyond, which has brought them to Novi Sad and the Street Musicians Festival, as one of the stars of the Irish Night, scheduled for Friday, 5th September, in the Catholic courtyard.

Roma Sijam (Zemun/Serbia)

We are Roma or We are people, is the translation of this unique hip-hop band’s name, coming from Zemun (and other parts of the planet), they nourish a unique style based on – Romani language and traditional culture. As such, they will be one of the leading attractions of the “Open Up” program, as well as the entire Street Musicians Festival.

Ašmet, Bibi, Danijel, Senad, Kristijan and Šeki have been friends since their school days in their hometown of Zemun, where they shared common interests towards folklore, then towards hip-hop and modern dance, as well. Years abroad did not separate them, and the solid core of Roma Sijam has kept them closely together, and soon after, with the help of the Anglo-Serbian foundation for inclusion of Roma GRUBB, they started conquering the world. No less than four appearances on the Exit Festival, and appearances on the “Ja imam talenat” and “X Factor” competitions, led them to Canada, where Serge Denoncourt directed a successful musical about them, in addition they recorded a studio album with great circulation considering the local circumstances. Performances in New York, London, Paris and other cities across the world followed. The guys from the band, however, look on all that just as – the beginning. Definitely, the best is still ahead of them.

Jelena Urošević (Belgrade/Serbia)

The attractive violinist Jelena Urošević nourishes a modern approach to classical music, which she fuses with traditional, folk and house genres. She plays the violin from her seventh year, and the music she performs she also composes herself.

The talent and her first lessons, as she says, she received from her father, and later on she was schooled under several virtuosos, very famous in our parts. Almost without a break she performed on various events in Serbia and abroad, but she attracted much media attention with her successful appearance on the TV show “Ja imam talenat”, where she, despite tough competition, managed to get all the way to the semi-finals. She is the proud owner of one solo album, “Žurka kolo”, (Party Dance) released in 2009, as a CD version. Currently very popular and trendy is Jelena’s original piece “Ljubav je rat” (Love is War), in which she combines the violin, with house music and male vocals. Beside music, Jelena successfully finished her masters studies on the Teachers’ Training Faculty in Belgrade. However, her future plans are heading in only one direction – the violin, the beats and world music.

Ultra Sound Sessions (Novi Sad/Serbia)

A special attraction of the Festival this year will be the special improvisation program, conceived as an open interaction for all interested musicians and audience alike, it fully meets expectations and the general idea of this event about exchange in art and intercultural dialogue. Ultrasound Sessions will be the closing act of the Street Musicians Festival on the Freedom square stage on Saturday, 6th September, a little before midnight.

The group of musicians from Novi Sad, led by the eminent MC – Jovan Obradović Špira, for a long time now have once a month occupied Club “Quarter”, where they make jam sessions in which numerous local musicians and visitors from different backgrounds participate, playing various instruments, in free form, without genre and other restrictions. Both affirmed and totally unknown musicians and musical talents come on stage and develop a spontaneous improvisation on an assigned theme, which is a minimal base of several, in advance prepared tacts from an elementary sound matrix, ranging from ambient, through dark sound, to a classical rock pattern. What will be heard afterwards is left to circumstance and personal spontaneity of the performers. Thus created “complete music” destroys existing barriers, and proves the concept’s idea – that one musical project can be independent and live without its’ initiators or founders. Ultrasound Sessions will therefore, on the Street Musicians Festival, as well, be open to all willing to participate, including the audience of this event.

Chisinau Youth Orchestra (Moldova)

The large orchestra is made up of the most talented students of music from Moldova and Romania, and their interpretation of classical composers, in the social segment, pointing at the coexistence of a micro-community form members with different backgrounds, but the same, common goal. Their performance on the Street Musicians Festival will, therefore, be part of the “Open Up” program; they will be performing on Saturday, 6th September.

Chisinau Youth Orchestra was formed by the Musical-Choral Association from Moldova in 2011, on the initiative of a young musician – Adrian Marian, and with the support of the Ministry for Youth and Sports of this former Soviet republic. The members, currently numbering over 100, between 14 and 30 years of age, mostly study at prestigious musical schools and conservatoriums across Europe and the USA. The orchestra has until now performed 21 concerts, mostly in Moldova and Romania, and their repertoire includes works from different periods and composers like Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Dvořák, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Bartók, Mahler, Prokofiev, Grieg and others. At the moment they are preparing a project that will, by adopting a classical chamber set, present the traditional string instruments of their peoples. In Novi Sad they will also be performing in the form of a chamber orchestra.

Gipsy Groove (Priština)

Authentic Balkan Romani music, enriched with modern music genres, performed by this band urges to dance and gives auditory satisfaction, but also indicates on questions of justice, discrimination, racism, human rights, peace and ethnic diversity. Contemporary urban Romani culture interpreted by this quintet, therefore receives a full and complete sense of meaning, so accordingly they will be one of attractions of the “Open Up” program on Saturday, 6th September, on stage in the Catholic courtyard.

From 2010 to this day, Gipsy Groove have successfully combined different musical genres – jazz, reggae, funk, ska and drum’n’bass, with a traditional Balkan Romani folk milieu. To everyone the well known gypsy soul, so receives something else, a completely new and modern meaning, making it also this band’s distinction on the contemporary scene. Their performance filled with great sound and social activism have already been witnessed in Europe and the region, and in front of the crowd in Novi Sad they will present themselves for the first time, as usual – on the Street Musicians Festival.

Ray Scully (Dublin/Ireland)

An authentic representative of Irish culture and a citizen of the Emerald Isle, brings to Novi Sad his own original music, which is based on soul, blues and rock, though he does not run from the occasional cover song. The young singer-songwriter will, with his band, head the Irish Night on the Street Musicians Festival, on stage at the Catholic courtyard.

Ray Scully is a citizen of the capitol of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, where he actively participates in the pub, but also main art scene. Anticipating, and actively putting in effort, that his years in the music business culminate this year – with the release of his debut album. In the meantime, he has significantly increased his fan base, with a very successful performance in the popular show “The Voice”, where he managed to reach the semi-finals. Although he is familiar with and respectful of the tradition from his parts, his musical expression has no emphasized folklore elements, but relies on the popular music from the sixties and seventies, as well as a strong influence of the nineties Seattle grunge movement. Never separating from his acoustic guitar, he will perform in Novi Sad with the support of his four member band.

Sopot (Banjaluka/Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The old Slavic word “sopot” meaning spring (source), is the base for this band’s fusion of traditional Balkan art with modern technology. The original expression of Sopot is a one very interesting contemporary musical hybrid of electro-rock with drum’n’bass, reggae, dub and dubstep, with the occasional inclusion of authentic motives from this region.

Eight years since Petar Topalović started the project, conceived as a strong collaboration with local and foreign artists on creating original music, marked a constant sinusoid of success at a local, regional and international level. Sopot has by now played on numerous festivals, concert halls and clubs all over the region and Europe: in France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Scandinavia and all the countries of former Yugoslavia. After two albums, “DuBalkan” and “Equilibrium”, in 2013 they also released “Sopotnik”, with the hit single “ Energetic Sea” and numerous guest appearances, led by Hornsman Coyote. Sopot has also composed music for the National Theatre of Republic of Srpska plays “Balon od kamena” (Balloon Made of Stone) and “Radnička hronika” (The Worker’s Chronicles), for which they were awarded on Susreti pozorišta BiH (Gathering of Theatres of Bosnia and Herzegovina) in Brčko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), as well as the opening theme for the film “Zduhač, znači avantura” (Zduhac Means Adventure) in partnership with the actor Nikola Pejaković. This vivid and, most of all, energetic band will present themselves on the Street Musicians Festival on Saturday, on the Catholic courtyard stage.

Barka Dilo (Belgrade/Serbia)

One of the most original ensembles from the local music scene brings with them a truly cabaret atmosphere to both clubs and open air concerts all over Serbia, and even Europe. The lineup consists of a vocal, guitar, trumpet, harmonica, flute and rhythm section, and from the very beginning promises good music and even better entertainment.

Barka Dilo, or Ship of Fools, during their performances combine elements of the French cabaret and chansons, with the zest of new francophone bands and lounge style of playing, with elements of Romani music and uncontrollable punk energy. With that combination they easily achieve a great atmosphere, which draws the audience into the stories about the city streets, wanderers, travelers, sailors and the sea, and their lovers patiently waiting… Reciting in French, the yelling and clinking of glasses, smoke, purposefully disharmonic tones, singing in voice, whispering and moments of silence, while waiting for the plot of the story to unfold or the last chord be played, are all quite common during this band’s performances. Overall, they are something which mostly resembles the standard picture of street musicians, especially those who with a decade long tradition ordinate – the  Parisian streets and couloirs of the local metro. That is why their performance on Friday 5th September, on the Street Musicians Festival should under no circumstances be missed.

Zabod Jam ( Novi Sad/Serbia)

A group of authentic street musicians, who, beside conventional “weapons” – guitar and vocals, use an electronic gadget – the looper, allowing them to record what they play and sing live. With the ever-present beatbox effects, they play samples on the spot with which they improvise and make a party for the passers-by.

Zabod Jam is led by Milan Basarić Bassa, master of improvisation and of the controlled usage of his vocal chords in percussional purposses, like the legend Boby McFerrin. Always in the mood for a good improv, which enables them to have the feeling of creative freedome and the freedome to play around with music and technology, this young musician readily shares experiences with other musicians, in the spirit of the second word of the band’s name – Jam, as a sign to other musicians that the band is open for spotanious sessions. That kind of approach usually causes good reactions from the crowd on the squares and street corners in Novi Sad, but in the band’s half-year carreer there have also been instances of several escapes in the face of ignorance from law enforcers. So, true street spirit will have perfect representatives on the only true place for it – the Street Musicians Festival.

Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats GRUBB (Great Britain/Serbia)

The British Foundation For Roma Inclusion, continues to, through contemporary stage work, music and dance, help young members of the Romani community, in an effort to improve their social lives through performances and mutual friendship within the art school for teenagers. The performance of GRUBB foundation participants on the Street Musicians Festival will be a part of the “Open Up” program.

The Foundation was founded in 2006, in Great Britain, as an educational and artistic program primarily directed at young Romani people in Serbia. The goal of the program is to improve the education of the participants, from 14 to 20 years of age, and afterwards allow them an easier way to a conventional job or even a career in art, while viewed long-term – a better social integration. The teaching staff is composed of first class producers, directors, choreographers, light technician and special effect experts, as well as costume designers and make-up artists, in one word – all those who contribute to a modern show program. Their performances are dominated by modern urban genres, hip-hop dance, rap and electronic music, all of which heavily rely on the traditional Romani cultural milieu. GRUBB branch in Serbia will on the Street Musicians Festival present an artistic number, mixture of modern music and dance, with which the teenage artists again explore the topics of first love, friendship and everyday struggles against poverty and prejudice.

The Hoods (Vršac/Serbia)

This young band can be easily characterized as old school rap, although their music is a very interesting fusion of different genres, from hip-hop, soul, funk and jazz, to elements of rock, good enough for a great party by the team made up of two vocals and a rhythm section.

With an unchanged lineup from their formation in 2006, The Hoods proudly present authentic original work with intense lyrics in the spirit of street art, with the ambition of having their long-awaited premier album released into the market. For now, their source of pride is their win on the Radio 202’s Demo Masters competition, as well as the effective video for the hit-track “Maćado šljiva“ (Macado Plum), and the single “Dobrodošao u kraj” (Welcome To The Hood) produced by Roman Goršek. After their appearances on MTV’s “Domaći zadatak” and RTV’s “Gruvanje”, the audience in Novi Sad will get a chance to see this unique lineup live on the Street Musicians Festival, on Saturday 6th September.

Proces (Niš/Serbia)

The founders of the ska/reggae genre, at least when the southern rail tracks are concerned, they captivate with quality fast rhythms and an attractive brass section. The energy of this lineup is inexhaustible, and the concerts are like fireworks for those with a sweet tooth for this genre, and more.

Active from 1995, Proces are proud of their two albums, with promotion lasting non-stop, while waiting on another addition to their discography. The biography of these urban chillers is filled with performances on all music festivals in the region, going years back. The video for the song “Rio”, from their second album “MySka Pesma” (MySka Song) from 2009, with antics on stage accompanied with above all attractive dancers, is one of the most broadcasted ones on MTV Adria. Having all of that in mind, a great time on their show is just about – guaranteed.

Bidadari (Belgrade/Serbia/Indonesia)

Beautiful nymphs in Hindu mythology, the Bidadari are sky dancers described in the epic “Mahabharata”. Carrying the same name, the earthly embodiment of the gracious and seductive supernatural artists of dance is a dance troupe and studio for studying dances, music and culture of Indonesia, formed in association with the embassy of this Far Eastern island country in Belgrade.

Studio “Bidadari” was formed in 2004 to introduce young people from this region with the beauty and wealth of Indonesian culture, but primarily with the complex and fascinating dance forms, as well as court and ritual dances from Bali and Java. Furthermore, the members of the group study other aspects of Indonesian culture – history, customs, various types of art, beliefs and rituals. For ten years Bidadari has been developing a friendship between Serbia and Indonesia, and creating room for exchange programs, anthropological research and other creative projects, in cooperation with the theatres “Bitef” and “Mudra”, and the dance troupe “Erg Status”. At the head of the Belgrade school for dance is Ivana Ašković, who is a researcher of theatre and dance from the East Asian islands, finishing graduate and doctor studies in Hawaii. From 2004 she also leads the Theatre Research Center, which studies dance as a language – erasing geographical, political, and cultural borders, as well as researching signs of communication between dance forms in different cultures.

Undiscovered Stars (Novi Sad/Serbia)

Children and parents from well known musical families of the Novi Sad scene, outstanding talents, everyone of them in their own art, perform the gems of the most famous compositions from different genres of music and dance, in honor of the eternal art which lasts, and is passed on from generation to generation. Musical works spanning from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, through Henry Mancini, to Arsen Dedić, solo numbers, duets, trios and group, choir performances, will elevate the program of the Street Musicians Festival on Saturday, 6th September, on stage at the Serbian National Theatre.

The idea of gathering musical families into one unit originated from professor Julijana Šuvaković, and in its first performance showed it to be extremely strong, attractive and appealing to wider audiences. Then, the participants of the program were the families Bajić, Balaž, Petrović, Mazalica, Ružičin, Petković and Nedeljković. The famous tenor and champion of the Serbian National Theatre Opera, Saša Petrović, inspired by that pioneering move of his dear colleague, wished to make one more musical and stage performance, which will include other musical families of Novi Sad as well. As an announcement of the performance of the Undiscovered Stars on the Street Musicians Festival, Petrović sent a message to all potential visitors of this interesting and attractive program:

“Our children will at a certain moment, all of them, in times to come, be the center of the new musical constellation, of some future musical expression. These children are special gifts, because with their given talent they make this world more precious and valuable, thus making an opposite to all darker sides of our planet. They are so gentle, yet strong enough to move the greatest of rocks.”

Jam Station (Niš/Serbia)

This numerous lineup from the South of Serbia in an attractive way, with a real wealth of sound, fuse blues and jazz standards into a fresh form, adapted for performances in streets and squares. Finely tuned and in good spirits, enriched with an enticing brass section, Jam Station possess the unique soul and mystique of the Mississippi river, whose waves splash the endless American prairies, from the windy city of Chicago, through Memphis, to New Orleans – the capitol of modern urban music.

Formed in 2012 in Niš, this band’s starting point was the idea of incorporating blues and similar genres. Already the next year was a crucial one, since then Jam Station presented themselves on the prestigious Nišville (Nisville) festival, which has from then on become their constant partner, whom they promote playing open air concerts in cities across the country. The effect of this institution of Serbian jazz was decisive for the band to make a breakthrough towards that type of sound, but also to expand the lineup with a mini brass section. Today, Jam Station is a team of seven who captivate crowds with a great sound and play music which finds its way to everyone who loves a quality gig and a breath of original, global music tradition.

Dance Association Groove (Novi Sad/Serbia )

Chorographical theatre on the topic of dreams is a number with which this famous dance troupe will present itself to the audience at the Street Musicians Festival. Frequent participants of this event, they will dream their artistic dream one more time, on Friday, 5th September at 11pm, on stage in front of the Serbian National Theatre.

The inspiration for this unusual dance number the Grooves found in their own dreams, as well as mixed emotions when waking up and returning to reality. Why did I dream that and what is the meaning of my dream, are the questions most often asked, raised by every human being that has even the slightest experience with dreams, and Groove will try to find the right answers, using, of course, only the elements of dance – hip-hop, popping, locking, dancehall, voguing, electro, house and b-boying. Thus, they will take the audience through the world of dreams, dreams about happiness, pursuit of a better life, love, sorrow, fear of the unknown and friendship. This dance association from Novi Sad, among other things, promotes urban culture with emphasis on dance, and everything they do, they do it under the motto: “Make your move with Groove!”

Kal (Belgrade/Serbia)

Specific Roma music and culture performed by this quintet receives a very modern, urban feel, making them popular all over the world, more than any other band from this region. The headliner of the special program “Open Up” on this year’s Street Musicians Festival is proud to present a newly developed genre – rock’n’roma, as characterized by the western music critics.

The frontman and leader of the band – Dragan Ristić, otherwise also known for social activism for prosperity of the Romani community through the activities of the Romany Cultural Center in Belgrade. Kal is active on the music scene from 2006, and the original style that they nurture, an urban mixture of traditional Romani music and contemporary world music trends, making it  possible for their career to be a global one, which is what most musicians from these parts dream of their entire lives. Over 400 concerts all around the world, among which are performances on prestigious festivals, such as Roskilde, Sziget and EXIT, including a tour across America, together with an performance at the legendary “Joe’s Pub” in New York, as well as a collaboration with the world leaders of this genre – Gogol Bordello.

Kal’s two studio albums, intended for the world market, were produced by Mike Nielsen (worked with Underworld, Snow Patrol, The Cure and Jamiroquai), both of which hit number one on the prestigious World Music Chart Europe, in front of acts such as the Gotan Project, Ojos de Brujo, Natacha Atlas. On the local scene as well, they are very successful and admired, which is testified by collaborations with Rambo Amadeus and Marčelo, not to mention winning the “Davorin Popović” Award for best ex-Yugoslavian music video in 2007. Kal have released a new album this year, “Romologija” (Romology), which, along with the recognizable musical virtuosity and socially engaged lyrics, continue to promote Romani culture, celebrating life and art in the best way yet.

Prince Marzipan (Belgrade/Serbia)

Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, far, far away, lived Prince Marzipan… Not always finding understanding from his parents, his most important quest in life was still to come – to find himself a real princess.

“Prince Marzipan” is a children’s show in verse, as part of the project “Mesimo bajke” (Making Fairy Tales) conceived by Belgrade actors Zorana Milošaković and Goran Balančević. For many years attempts  of this art duet, with lengthy careers in eminent children’s theatre (Zorana in “Pinocchio” Puppet Theatre, Goran in Little Theatre “Duško Radović”), has resulted in a play created on the spot and in which the crowd will actively participate, producing a stage play enjoyed by the youngest visitors of the Street Musicians Festival, on Saturday, 6th September, from 5pm in Zmaj Jovina Street. At the heart of this piece, as the authors say, is a merry cook and her court jester who “make” different delicacies and add secret ingredients like kisses and smiles, while their magical oven bakes cookies full of divine smells of love, which is the essence of all fairy tales. All of that is happening with loads of music, song, dance, jokes and overall joy.

La Banda (Novi Sad/Serbia)

They are young, beautiful and talented, and very original. That is why they so boldly embarked on an adventure of improving the typical musical matrix from this region: the tamburica tradition performed by La Banda receives a new – completely different meaning.

The idea of nine girls, seven tamburica players, with a percussionist and a vocal, is that this exclusively female lineup, playing traditional instruments sails into the waters of jazz, swing, pop and film music. As they often met playing in different orchestras, they have already had a chance to get to know one another and eventually became aware of their shared wish: to surpass and modernize the classical tamburica repertoire. To this day, in a space of only nine months, La Banda have, under the professional guidance of Julijana Jovanović, already recorded numerous performances. Likewise, on the Street Musicians Festival they will appear on two occasions: a regular performance, and as part of a special program – performing on the balconies in Zmaj Jovina Street.

Piksi & Zeka (Belgrade/Serbia)

A little bit from the different side of street art, a spectacle of magic and amusement will be brought by the illusionist duo Piksi and Zeka. A lot of intriguing magic tricks, classical and original, will make their performance on the Street Musicians Festival – unforgettable.

Dejan Đurđević and Veljko Radić are masters of illusion and comical magic. All that makes the shows of the most famous world magicians, those about whom stories are told with admiration among the fans of this art form, is also the trait of this Belgrade duo who have a decade long career and 1000 performances behind them. Aware of their movement on stage, which they experience as a ground for improvement and development, they are very active in the professional world. They attend and organize conventions and magic festivals, and in their repertoire they nurture several really interesting performances, fit for all ages. With that kind of approach awards are frequent: for best illusion, for most original act… But, most of all they are, befittingly, delighted by applause after a new sensational trick. Probably the leading performers of this type in our country.

Candy Quince (Novi Sad/Serbia)

The international musical duet includes the beautiful singer from Rijeka gifted with the most sensual of voices and the skilled acoustic guitarist from the local, Novi Sad scene. Their music is a great chance to hear a bit more romance on the Street Musicians Festival, as part of the special program “Balconies”, as well as a performance somewhere down bellow, in the streets of Novi Sad.

Dunja Dorčić is the future leading name on the pan-Balkan music scene, undeniably implied by the quality of her vocal performances. After seven years in the famous vocal group from Rijeka – Putokazi (Road Signs), spirited in the local ethno tradition with innovative stage performances, she reinvented herself in Novi Sad, where she is, for several seasons now, successfully building up a reputation as an amazing pop and jazz singer. She is accompanied by the guitarist Bogdan Spasić, experienced with performances on festivals and in clubs, who completes this beautiful musical story, which is on its way to one day becoming retold as an original work. The repertoire that they prepared for this occasion mostly consists of pop favorites from the sixties, with a slight touch of new musical trends.

Balconies (Novi Sad/Serbia)

On the balconies you drink coffee, you watch sunsets, and then there is the serenade, the ultimate form of passionate romance, usually performed by playing and singing – beneath balconies. The Street Musicians Festival has, as usual, made sure to set things according to its own spirit – casual, slightly silly and – upside down. Thus, the performers of the special program “Balconies” will send a greeting to all visitors by serenading them from the balconies in Zmaj Jovina Street.

The age-old and, several times in the past, realized idea of the Festival’s director, Borislav Beljanski, will this time round truly be in its most attractive edition yet. Apart from the stunning beauties from the female tamburica ensemble La Banda and the duet Candy Quince, the participants of the “Balconies” will be the sublime Italian musicians, masters of romance, Danni and Al, who the visitors of the Festival will be able to hear in a normal setting as well, somewhere down below – in the streets. They will also be accompanied by Aleksandar Carić – Zar, the Festival’s art director, who is during the rest of the year an authentic street musician, with a lengthy career in Italy and Portugal. Therefore, citizens of Novi Sad, pay attention: on Thursday, 4th September, from 6pm, as part of the warm-up for the spectacular grand opening ceremony, from three balconies in Zmaj Jovina Street you will be swept off your feet and warmly greeted by your very own Street Musicians Festival.

Circus As A Way Of Life (Serbia/Croatia/Albania/France/Greece)

A two-year international project “Circus as a Way of Life” will be completed with the performance of the play “Utopia?” as part of the regular program of the Street Musicians Festival. The actors of the play have been chosen among all of the participants of this project, from four cities, Varaždin (Croatia), Tirana (Albania), Gračanica and Novi Sad, and the instructors of modern circus crafts who worked with them from the troupes Capilotracté (France) and Helix (Greece).

Parallel to the Street Musicians Festival, taking place this and the previous season was the project “Circus as a Way of Life”, realized with the help of the European Commission. This long-term regional project is humanitarian in nature, and initiated by the effort to, through artistic workshops and public performances, help the marginalized youth who live and work in the streets. The entire program has been simultaneously taking place across four regional cities, and the final goal was to choose twenty participants from all of the workshops and form an independent art troupe, which will perform on several events, as are the Špancirfest (Strollers’ Festival) in Croatia and IST fest in Greece. The members of the newly-formed troupe will also, after the completion of the project, be able to continue working and performing together.

The final chapter of this project during the month of August in Novi Sad gathered the best twenty young performers and their teachers from the acclaimed European troupes. There together, they  prepared the play “Utopia?”, which will demonstrate their combined newly acquired skills in the field of modern circus (acrobatics and juggling), along with acting, pantomime and dance. The topic of the play is the eternal strive towards a better world, and the question mark found in the title stresses the fact that it should always be open to all queries, which are sometimes, maybe consciously, left without a real answer. The play is the joint work written and directed by the troupes Capilotracté and Helix, and the French have also made an original score to be the background for the play.

The project “Circus as a Way of Life” is organized by the Art Association “Inbox” from Novi Sad. The patrons of the project are the European Commission, Erste Foundation and the Ministry for Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Kreativni pogon (Novi Sad/Serbia)

The performance “Ladders to Glory” will present the famous art troupe in the best possible light, as a skillful demonstration of modern circus craft, as well as the usual social satire which they nurture in their plays. Creative Drive (Kreativni pogon) will on the Street Musicians Festival be one of the participants to perform on stage at the corner of Zmaj Jovina Street and Modena Street.

The play follows the story of tramps who come to town in search of a better life for themselves. Stylistically relying on the early works of Charlie Chaplin, as well as being set in the 1920s, it will for a moment take the audience into the world of a romantic, costumed melodrama, backed by music, with a special stage expression involving acrobatics, juggling and clown techniques, and all of that without the use of words. Creative Drive is a non-profit organization which is active in the fields of social inclusion, culture and education, and which carries out its work through different activities such as animation, interactive workshops and multimedia programs, professional forums and volunteering activities.

Zvončići Choir and the Children’s Choir of the Choral Society Honorable Rafailo Banatski (Novi Sad/Zrenjanin/Serbia)

A musical program for the youngest, but also for all other visitors of the Festival, represents a cooperation between two children’s choirs from two cities in Vojvodina, united in the tradition of children’s singing. The youngest citizens of Novi Sad and Zrenjanin, will perform together, under the joint conduction of Olga Živković, Branko Ružičin and Sanja Popović Santovac.

The “Zvončići” Choir has just celebrated their 18th successful year working along side the Musical School “Josip Slavenski”, and is a confirmation of a project that has emerged from a wish to establish foundations of children’s singing in Novi Sad. All those years growing up with songs and performances, are marked by numerous awards, as well as humanitarian work. Last year’s concerts on the festivals “Baby Exit” and “Zmajeve dečje igre” (Zmaj’s children games) led them to a cooperation with the Children’s Choir of the Choral Society “Honorable Rafailo Banatski” from Zrenjanin. Since then these two choirs have often connected and stylistically infused with one another, and their mutual influence is nicely transferred to their individual work as well, which has truly made children’s choral singing in Vojvodina gain in significance, quality and meaning.

The Van Stage Radio AS FM (Novi Sad/Serbia)

The mobile musical installment with a live band and DJ will tour the city during the Street Musicians Festival and deliver positive vibrations to different locations in the centre, but also further on. Camillocromo Beat Band from Italy, Radio AS FM and the Street Musicians Festival will be together with the citizens of Novi Sad during the pre-Festival warm-up as well, on 3rd September, on Štrand, Novo naselje and Petrovaradin.

Radio AS FM as a popular regional media and old partner and friend of the Festival, has this year been included in the realization of the idea of a mobile, van stage, which will during the event truly awaken the nomadic spirit of the typical street performance with constant relocations and address changes. The backbone of the program are DJ’s of Radio AS FM and his carefully selected setlist full of entertaining tracks from earlier eras. On two occasions during the pre-Festival warm-up, as well as on the day of the opening ceremony, on the Freedom Square (Trg slobode), guests of the Van stage will be the Italian Camillocromo Beat Band. The other location of the Van stage, in the centre will be Danube Street (Dunavska ulica), near the fountain, where visitors will also have a chance to be photographed in a DJ ambience, while the photos will be available on Facebook profiles of both Radio AS FM and the Street Musicians Festival.

The pre-Festival warm-up, as a promotional media event on the eve before the Festival, on 3rd September, will take the Van stage to three locations across Novi Sad. First the visitors of the city beach Štrand, from 4pm, will enjoy Camillocromo’s mini-concert, only for the Van stage to move at 6pm to Petrovaradin – bloc no. 8, and finally to Novo naselje as well, near the primary school at 8pm.


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